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Lessons for federal reform: COAG reform agenda 2008–2013

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lessons for federal reform: COAG reform agenda 2008–2013 was released today.  A five year review of COAG's progress on its reform agenda, the report finds some good progress, but more effort is needed from governments over time to realise the full potential of these reforms.

Addressing the National Press Club in Canberra, COAG Reform Council Chairman the Hon John Brumby said governments have made solid gains across COAG's reform agenda and it was now time to look at the future of reform in Australia.

Mr Brumby said that five years provides a ‘point in time’ view of how COAG’s reform agenda is travelling but stressed that it’s not a long time when you’re looking at reforms of this breadth and depth.

“Reform is not a quick fix and COAG is right to focus on a medium term agenda and commit to the long haul.”

“An agenda of this magnitude does not happen because of good luck and good intent, it took a lot of hard work and collaboration on the part of all governments.”

Mr Brumby said the review of the agenda was, in essence, also a review of federalism because national reform puts the spotlight on intergovernmental collaboration.

‘With momentum building on a national conversation about our federal system of government, this review and the council’s unique position at the heart of federal-state relations can be an invaluable resource for the upcoming White Paper on the reform of the federation,” The Chairman said.

Read the full report here

What is the COAG reform agenda?

In 2008, COAG developed a wide-ranging reform agenda to improve the wellbeing of all Australians. There are five themes to the agenda: 

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