COAG Reform Council

Performance reporting and accountability for national reform


National Partnership Agreement on Improving Public Hospital Services: Performance report for 2013

Our second report on this National Partnership Agreement shows that despite some improvements in performance, most states have failed to meet agreed targets for elective surgery and hospital emergency departments. 

In emergency departments, while NSW, Victoria and Western Australia partially achieved their targets, no state or territory fully achieved its target for the proportion of people treated, discharged or referred within 4 hours.

Healthcare in Australia 2012-13: Five years of performance

Our final report on the National Healthcare Agreement shows that Australians have overall good health and enjoy a high quality healthcare system. However, areas of concern such as obesity and chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes could put strain on our healthcare system and require attention from governments.

National Partnership on Essential Vaccines: Performance report for April 2012-March 2013

This is our fourth report on the National Partnership which aims to deliver cost-effective immunisation programs that help prevent a range of diseases like measles, mumps rubella and polio. We found that all State and Territory governments met at least two of four benchmarks and are eligible for reward payments.