COAG Reform Council

Performance reporting and accountability for national reform


Good health is essential to all Australians–as individuals and as families–as well as to the broader community. Good health also plays a vital role in promoting productivity and economic growth.

National Agreement

The COAG reform agenda is implemented through National Agreements, National Partnerships and other intergovernmental agreements.

The overarching aim of the National Healthcare Agreement is to improve health outcomes for all Australians and the sustainability of our health system.

Each year, the COAG Reform Council has the role to report to COAG on the performance of Commonwealth, State and Territory governments against the objectives and outcomes of the National Healthcare Agreement.

The seven objectives of the National Healthcare Agreement are:

  • Prevention: Australians are born and remain healthy
  • Primary and Community Health: Australians receive appropriate high quality and affordable primary and community health services
  • Hospital and Related Care: Australians receive appropriate high quality and affordable hospital and hospital-related care
  • Aged Care: Older Australians receive appropriate high quality and affordable health and aged care services
  • Patient Experience: Australians have positive health and aged care experiences which take account of individual circumstances and care needs
  • Social Inclusion and Indigenous Health: Australia’s health system promotes social inclusion and reduces disadvantage, especially for Indigenous Australians
  • Sustainability: Australians have a sustainable health system.

National Partnerships

The council reports separately on three healthcare National Partnerships with reward funding:

  • National Partnership on Preventative Health (1/1/09 to 30/6/15)
  • National Partnership on Essential Vaccines (1/7/09 ongoing)
  • National Partnership on Improving Public Hospital Services (2/8/11 to 30/6/17).

One National Partnership with reward funding has concluded–the National Partnership on Elective Surgery, which ran from 7/12/9 to 31/12/11.

The council may also choose to report on a further five Healthcare National Partnerships as part of its reporting under the National Healthcare Agreement:

  • National Partnership on Hospital and Health Workforce Reform (20/2/09 to 30/6/13)
  • National Partnership on Health Services (7/12/9 ongoing)
  • National Partnership on Health Infrastructure (7/12/9 ongoing)
  • National Partnership on e-Health (7/12/09 to 30/6/12)
  • National Partnership on Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Outcomes (1/7/09 to 30/6/13).

These National Partnerships can be found on the Standing Council for Federal Financial Relations website.

The National Health Reform Agreement

In August 2011, COAG signed a new National Health Reform Agreement. This agreement is intended to deliver major reforms to the organisation, funding and delivery of health and aged care. It sets out the shared intention of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments to work in partnership to improve health outcomes for all Australians and ensure the sustainability of the Australian health system.

This agreement supersedes the National Health and Hospital Network Agreement of April 2010.

The role of the COAG Reform Council continues under the new agreement, including reporting on the existing performance indicators set out in the National Healthcare Agreement.


Reports can be accessed from our health reports page.